03183080-n 'an instrumentality invented for a particular purpose';
Chinese (simplified) 发明物 , 装置
English device 36
Indonesian sistem , alat , jentera , peranti , pesawat , peralatan
Japanese 機器 , 器具 , 装置 , ツール , 道具
an instrumentality invented for a particular purpose
the device is small enough to wear on your wrist; a device intended to conserve water
その装置は小さいから腕に着けられますよ; 水を保存することを意図した装置
Hyponym: acoustic_device adapter afterburner agglomerator airfoil alarm appliance applicator aspergill autopilot bait billiard_marker bird_feeder blower bootjack breathalyzer breathing_device bubbler buffer catapult charger clip-on comb comforter conductor contraceptive converter corer corrective crusher cryptograph cutoff dampener damper deflector dental_appliance depressor detector diestock drive drop_forge elastic_device electrical_device electronic_device energizer exercise_device explosive_device fan filter fire_extinguisher flare fumigator gas_fixture groover guard heat_exchanger heater holding_device horn hydrofoil imprint indicator instrument interlock interrupter jig key keyboard kinetoscope knocker lift lifting_device lighter machine magnet mechanism memory_device musical_instrument nest_egg noisemaker optical_device override paper_feed peeler pick power_takeoff prod prompter pull reflector release remote_control reset restraint router runner scratcher shoehorn shoetree shooting_stick shredder signaling_device snowshoe sounder source_of_illumination stabilizer stemmer straightener strengthener stylus suction_cup support sweatbox synchroflash take-up teaser throwing_stick tilter tongs toy trap trigger valve vaporizer ventilator washboard water_cooler
Hypernym: instrumentality
Semantic Field: artifactn
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