00933420-n 'the creation of beautiful or significant things';
Chinese (simplified) 艺术 , 艺术创作
English art 15 ( ) , artistic creation , artistic production
Indonesian seni , kesenian
Japanese アート , 工芸 , 作物 , 芸術
the creation of beautiful or significant things
art does not need to be innovative to be good; I was never any good at art; he said that architecture is the art of wasting space beautifully
芸術は優秀であるためには革新的である必要はない; 私は決して芸術が得意ではない; 建築とは空間を美しく浪費する技であると彼は言った
Hyponym: arts_and_crafts ceramics decalcomania decoupage drawing gastronomy glyptography origami painting perfumery printmaking sculpture topiary
Hypernym: creation
In Domain–Category: popular cathartic moderne nonrepresentational formalistic finger-paint fresco distemper illuminate miniate emblazon sculpt paint paint repaint charge represent picture illustrate stylize portray portray draw charcoal cartoon shade stipple watercolour miniate model sketch lithograph silkscreen stencil engrave stipple etch aquatint model deaccession americana art ground talaria vocabulary aesthetics film expressive_style ensemble exhibition appraiser theorist tension stagnation longueur
Semantic Field: actn
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