00366691-a 'being or having or characterized by hue';
Chinese (simplified) 彩色+的 , 彩色
English chromatic ( )
being or having or characterized by hue
See also: chestnut colored
Attributes: hue
Similar to: amber-green amber amethyst auburn aureate avocado azure beige blackish-brown blackish-red blae blue-lilac blue-purple blue-violet blue bluish_green blushful bottle-green bright-red bronze-red bronze brown-green brown-purple brown buff-brown buff canary caramel carnation chartreuse chestnut-brown chestnut coppery coral-red coral creamy-yellow creamy cress_green crimson-magenta crimson-purple crimson-yellow dark-blue deep-pink deep-yellow dull-purple dun earthlike fuscous golden-brown golden-green golden-yellow green greenish-brown grey-blue grey-brown grey-green grey-pink hazel-brown hazel honey jade khaki lavender-tinged lavender light-blue lilac-blue lilac-pink lilac-purple magenta magenta_pink maroon-purple maroon mauve-blue mauve-pink mauve moss_green mousy ocher olive-brown olive-drab olive orange-brown orange-red orange pea-green peachy peacock-blue pink-lavender pink-orange pink-purple pink-red pink-tinged pink powder_blue purple-blue purple-brown purple-green purple-lilac purple-red purple-tinged purple red-brown red-lavender red-orange red-purple red-violet red reddish-pink rose-lilac rose-mauve rose-purple rose-red rose-tinted rose russet rust-red rust rusty-brown sage sapphire scarlet-crimson scarlet-pink sea-green silver-blue silver-green snuff sorrel stone straw sulfur-yellow tan tangerine tannish tawny ultramarine umber vermilion vinaceous violet-tinged white-pink wine-red yellow-beige yellow-green yellow-orange yellow-tinged yellow
Antonym: achromatic
Semantic Field: alla
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SUMO: = ColorAttribute

TempoWN: (Past: 0.000; Present: 0.017; Future: 0.000)

SentiWN: (+0.50 -0.25) MLSentiCon: (+0.50 -0.12)


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