00126264-v 'cause to change'; V2; 
Chinese (simplified) 修改 , 引起变化 , 改变
English change 57 ( ) , alter 26 ( ) , modify ( )
Indonesian berkisar , bertukar , meminda , menukar , berubah , penukaran , mengubah , bersilih , menyilih , berbalik , menukarkan , memermak , berganti , menerangkan , ubah , malih , memodifikasi
Japanese 刷新 , 挿げかえる , 入れ代える , 刷新+する , スイッチ+する , 変換+する , 異ならす , 決めなおす , 手直し+する , 脱胎 , 入れ替える , 変革+する , 付替える , 改造+する , 決直す , 改造 , 改定+する , 修整+する , 改築+する , チェンジ , 変化+する , 切り換える , 模様替え , 違える , 変形+する , 換える , 改む , 修正 , 切り変える , 改定 , 改変 , 手直し , 改築 , 改正 , 決め直す , 変更+する , チェンジ+する , 切り替える , 模様替 , 切替える , 変造+する , 入れ換える , 異らす , 修整 , 奪胎 , 挿げ替える , 変換える , 模様替え+する , 改易+する , 切換える , 直す , 動かす , 入れかえる , 修正+する , 改正+する , 変化 , 崩す , 変形 , 模様替+する , 繰りかえる , 変換 , 改変+する , 変更 , スイッチ , 変える , 入替える , 脱胎+する , 入換える , 改易 , 変革 , 改める , 変造 , 奪胎+する , 置きかえる
自動車の出現により、都市の成長パターンが変わったかもしれない; 議論は、その問題についての私の考えを変えた
cause to change
make different
cause a transformation
The advent of the automobile may have altered the growth pattern of the city; The discussion has changed my thinking about the issue
Hyponym: accelerate acerbate acetylate achromatize activate activate activate activate adjust affect affect age alchemize alcoholize alkalinize allegorize alter americanize angulate animize antiquate antique archaize arterialize ash assimilate automatize automatize awaken barb barbarize bestialize better blind blister blunt blur blur boil break break_down brighten bring bring brutalize bubble calcify camp capture cause_to_sleep centralize change_intensity change_taste charge charge chasten check circularize civilize clarify classicize clean clear clot cloud coarsen coarsen cohere color commercialize communize commute complicate complicate condense confuse constitutionalize contaminate conventionalize convert convert convert cook cool corrupt counterchange crack cry customize damage darken de-emphasize deaden deaden deaminate decarboxylate decelerate decentralize decimalize decorate decrease decrepitate deflate deform dehydrogenate demagnetize demist democratize demonize demulsify demythologize denationalize denaturalize denaturalize denature denature denature deodorize depersonalize depolarize desensitize desensitize destabilize detransitivize devalue develop develop devilize digitize dinge dirty disable discolor disharmonize disintegrate disorder disqualify dissimilate dissolve dissolve diversify dizzy domesticate dope draw dry dull dull dynamize dynamize ease_up edit edit embrittle empty emulsify enable end equal eroticize estrange etherealize etiolate etiolate europeanize europeanize evaporate even excite excite extend exteriorize fatten feminize fertilize fill fix flatten flocculate freeze frenchify full gelatinize glamorize glorify habituate harmonize harshen heat hue humanize humble hydrogenate immaterialize immortalize inactivate incandesce increase indispose industrialize inflate inform inseminate insulate intensify internationalize introvert invalidate invert iodinate ionate islamize isomerize laicize legitimate lend liberalize lifehack lift liquefy loosen loosen louden lower lubricate magnetize make make make mark masculinize masculinize mechanize mechanize militarize militarize mince mix morph muddy mythologize nationalize nationalize naturalize naturalize nazify neutralize neutralize nick normalize obfuscate obscure obscure occidentalize officialize opacify opalize opsonize orientalize ossify outmode oxidize oxygenize paganize pall parallel patent personalize piggyback plasticize poison polarize politicize port professionalize proof prostrate purify put radicalize rarefy rarefy rationalize recombine recommend reconstruct refine reflate reform refresh relax remodel restore revolutionize right right ripen romanticize round_off rusticate sanitize saponify saturate sauce schematize scramble sensitize sensitize sensitize sentimentalize set sexualize shade shake shallow shape sharpen sharpen shift shorten simplify slenderize smut sober socialize soften solemnize solvate spice spike sputter stabilize stain steepen stiffen still straighten strengthen string substitute suburbanize supercharge supple suspend suspend sweeten switch symmetrize synchronize tame tender tense territorialize thicken think tighten tone_down touch transaminate transfigure transform transform transform transform transform transitivize translate transmute transpose turn turn_back uglify unclutter uniformize unite unite unsanctify unscramble unsex untie untune urbanize urbanize validate variegate vascularize ventilate verbify vesiculate visualize vitalize vitrify vivify volatilize vulgarise warm weaken weaponize wet widen worsen
Causes change
Semantic Field: changev
Verb Frames
Somebody ----s something;   Somebody ----s somebody;   Something ----s somebody;   Something ----s something;  
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SUMO: ⊂ Process

TempoWN: (Past: 0.000; Present: 0.005; Future: 0.000)

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