00007846-n 'a human being';
Chinese (simplified) 凡人 , 灵魂 , 某人 , 个人 , 个体
English person 6833 ( ) , individual 51 ( ) , someone 17 , soul 6 , mortal 2 ( ) , somebody
Indonesian seorang , insan , seseorang , orang , individu , manusia , sukma , unik
Japanese , 個人 , , , 人間 , -員 , -人 , -者
seseorang yang dipandang tinggi
a human being
there was too much for one person to do
Hyponym: abator abjurer abomination abstainer achiever acquaintance acquirer active actor adjudicator admirer adoptee adult adventurer adversary advisee advocate affiant african agnostic amateur amerindian ancient anomaly anti-american anti applicant appointee appreciator apprehender aquarius archaist aries arrogator assessee asthmatic authority autodidact baby_boomer baby_buster bad_guy bad_person baldhead balker bather beard bedfellow bereaved best birth biter black blogger blond bluecoat bodybuilder bomber brunet bullfighter buster cancer candidate capitalist capricorn captor case cashier celebrant censor chameleon changer charmer child chutzpanik closer clumsy_person collector color-blind_person combatant commoner communicator complexifier compulsive computer_user contemplative contestant convert copycat counter counterterrorist coward crawler creator creature creditor cripple dancer dead_person deaf_person debaser debtor defecator delayer deliverer demander dieter differentiator disentangler disputant dissenter divider domestic_partner double dresser dribbler drug_user dyslectic ectomorph effecter elizabethan emotional_person endomorph engineer enjoyer enrollee entertainer ethnic experimenter expert explorer extrovert face faddist faller fastener female fiduciary first-rater follower free_agent friend fugitive gainer gainer gambler gatekeeper gatherer gemini gentile good_guy good_person granter greeter grinner groaner grunter guesser handicapped_person hater heterosexual homosexual homunculus hope hoper huddler hugger immune individualist inhabitant innocent insured intellectual interpreter introvert jat jew jewel jumper junior juvenile killer kink kneeler knocker knower large_person latin laugher leader learner left-hander leo libra life lightning_rod linguist literate liver longer loose_cannon loved_one lover machine mailer malcontent male man man_jack manipulator married masturbator measurer mesomorph mestizo middlebrow miracle_man misogamist mixed-blood modern money_handler monolingual mother_hen mouse mutilator namer namesake national native native neglecter neighbor neutral nondescript nonmember nonparticipant nonpartisan nonperson nonreligious_person nonresident nonsmoker nonworker nude nurser occultist optimist orphan ostrich ouster outcaste outdoorsman owner pamperer pansexual pardoner partner party passer peer perceiver percher person_of_color personage personification perspirer philosopher picker pisces pisser planner player posturer powderer precursor preserver primitive propositus public_relations_person pursuer pussycat quarter quitter radical realist rectifier redhead registrant relative reliever religious_person repeater rescuer rester restrainer revenant rich_person right-hander riser romper roundhead ruler rusher sagittarius scientist scorpio scratcher second-rater seeder seeker segregate self sensualist sentimentalist sex_object sex_symbol shaker showman signer simpleton six-footer skidder slav slave slave sleepyhead sloucher small_person smasher smiler sneezer sniffer sniffler snuffer snuffler socializer sort sounding_board sphinx spitter sport sprawler spurner squinter stifler stigmatic stooper stranger struggler subject supernumerary surrenderer survivalist survivor suspect tagger tagger tapper taurus tempter termer terror testator thin_person third-rater thrower tiger totemist toucher transfer transsexual transvestite traveler trier turner tyrant undoer unfortunate unskilled_person unwelcome_person user vanisher victim victorian virgo visionary visually_impaired_person waiter waker walk-in wanter ward warrior watcher weakling weasel white wiggler winker withholder witness worker worldling yawner
Hypernym: causal_agent organism
Meronym–Part: human_body personality
Holonym–Member: people
Semantic Field: Topsn
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SUMO: = Human

TempoWN: (Past: 0.000; Present: 0.000; Future: 0.015)

SentiWN: (+0.00 -0.00) MLSentiCon: (+0.25 -0.00)


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