Results for « ujian » (ind)
07197021-n (3)
tes, pemeriksaan, pengujian, pertanyaan, ujian
test, examination, exam
     a set of questions or exercises evaluating skill or knowledge
00639556-n (62)
eksperimen, ujian
experiment, experimentation
     the act of conducting a controlled test or investigation
05798043-n (16)
percobaan, eksperimen, ujian
experiment, experimentation
     the testing of an idea
00636461-n (2)
pengujian, ujian
testing, examination
     the act of giving students or candidates a test (as by questions) to determine what they know or have learned
00791078-n (51)
uji, ujian
trial, run, test
     the act of testing something
00794367-n (4)
uji, ujian
test, trial
     the act of undergoing testing
01006675-n (7)
dugaan, ujian
test, mental test, mental testing, psychometric test
     any standardized procedure for measuring sensitivity or memory or intelligence or aptitude or personality etc


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