Results for « tradisi » (ind)
01030820-n (4)
tradisi, adat, ritual, kebiasaan
     the prescribed procedure for conducting religious ceremonies
05667404-n (18)
kepercayaan, tradisi, adat, resam, kebiasaan, kelaziman
tradition, custom
     a specific practice of long standing
00605516-a (12)
lazim, tradisi, konvensional, biasa
     following accepted customs and proprieties
05809745-n (28)
kepercayaan, tradisi, kebiasaan
     an inherited pattern of thought or action
01037148-a (1)
tradisi, tradisional, bumiputra, asli, asal
native, aboriginal
     characteristic of or relating to people inhabiting a region from the beginning
01027859-n (8)
tradisi, ritus, adat, ritual, upacara, istiadat
ritual, rite
     any customary observance or practice


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