Results for « taajul » (ind)
00085811-r (66)
segera, taajul, sekejap mata
rapidly, quickly, speedily, chop-chop, apace
     with rapid movements
00105603-r (27)
segera, cepat, taajul, sekejap mata
quickly, quick, promptly
     with little or no delay
segera, taajul, sekejap mata
quickly, cursorily
     without taking pains
00206479-r (10)
talah, terbirit-birit, berlekas-lekas, terkejar-kejar, tergulut-gulut, bergegas-gegas, tersanga-sanga, bergulut-gulut, taajul
hastily, hurriedly, in haste
     in a hurried or hasty manner


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