Results for « sungguh » (ind)
00002621-r (72)
cuma, sedang, hanya, sungguh, memang
hardly, just, barely, scarcely, scarce
     only a very short time before
00077747-r (2)
affectionately, dearly, dear
     dengan penuh kasih sayang
00097522-r (3)
benar-benar, betul-betul, cukup, sungguh
00031899-r (268)
sangat, sungguh
very, real, really, rattling
     used as intensifiers
nyata, betul, tulen, jati, sungguh
real, real number
     any rational or irrational number
00507053-r (2)
sungguh, begitu
     in an outstanding manner or to an outstanding degree
13774404-n (61)
kumpulan, timbunan, timbun, selalu, banyak, rombongan, longgok, longgokan, bumbun, lot, kelompok, sungguh, unggun
mass, lot, good deal, great deal, pile, heap, plenty, sight, deal, mint, flock, mess, pot, stack, raft, spate, wad, batch, mountain, peck, hatful, mickle, muckle, passel, quite a little, slew, tidy sum
     a large number or amount or extent
00089408-r (12)
sangat, benar, sampai ke sumsum, melampau, amat, tinggi, sungguh
extremely, highly
     to a high degree or extent; favorably or with much respect
01387319-a (58)
pesat, banyak, besar, agam, meluas, luas, sungguh
vast, huge, immense, Brobdingnagian
     unusually great in size or amount or degree or especially extent or scope
melebihi, sungguh
madly, insanely, deadly, deucedly, devilishly
00455233-r (1)
benar-benar, sungguh
     in a singular manner or to a singular degree
benar-benar, bahwasanya, ya, sungguh, memang
     an expression of surprise or skepticism or irony etc.
00046299-r (10)
sangat, benar, terlampau, sampai ke sumsum, melampau, amat, terlalu, tersangat, sungguh
extremely, exceedingly, super, passing
     to an extreme degree
00037226-r (82)
benar, benar-benar, bahwasanya, betul, betul-betul, sungguh mati, sungguh
really, truly, genuinely
     in accordance with truth or fact or reality
01229826-a (10)
desperate, despairing
     arising from or marked by despair or loss of hope
00186142-r (5)
stiffly, stiff
     in a stiff manner
00056539-r (23)
amat, semoga, mudah-mudahan, sungguh
     to an extraordinary extent or degree


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