Results for « sokongan » (ind)
05154908-n (14)
pertolongan, bantuan, tolong, sokongan
aid, assistance, help
     a resource
02556817-v (5)
menyokong, sokong, mengabsahkan, sokongan, sandaran, menyetujui
back, endorse, indorse, second
     give support or one's approval to
pendukung, bantuan, sokongan, dukungan
support, funding, backing, financial support, financial backing
     financial resources provided to make some project possible
05156319-n (5)
favor, favour
     an advantage to the benefit of someone or something
04359589-n (1)
penyangga, tulang belakang, tiang, bantuan, sokongan, topang, penopang
     any device that bears the weight of another thing
01240210-n (3)
campur tangan, sokongan
intervention, intercession
     the act of intervening (as to mediate a dispute, etc.)
campur tangan, sokongan
     [in law] a proceeding that permits a person to enter into a lawsuit already in progress; admission of person not an original party to the suit so that person can protect some right or interest that is allegedly affected by the proceedings
01215902-n (15)
sokong, tulang belakang, bantuan, tolong, sokongan, topang, penahan
     the activity of providing for or maintaining by supplying with money or necessities
04360501-n (2)
sangga, sokong, bantuan, sokongan, topang, penahan
     supporting structure that holds up or provides a foundation
06691442-n (3)
sokongan, dorongan
     the expression of approval and support
00971463-n (8)
tulang belakang, bantuan, sokongan, topang
support, reinforcement, reenforcement
     [in military] a military operation (often involving new supplies of men and materiel) to strengthen a military force or aid in the performance of its mission
01212519-n (9)
pertolongan, bantuan, tolong, sokongan
     aiding the cause or policy or interests of
13265904-n (6)
pertolongan, bantuan, sokongan
aid, economic aid, financial aid
     uang untuk mendukung layak/tidaknya seseorang
02769460-n (1)
pendukung, penyokong, sokongan, dukungan
backing, mount
     something forming a back that is added for strengthening
06200617-n (1)
favor, favour
     an inclination to approve
06687358-n (4)
imprimatur, keizinan, persetujuan, kebenaran, sokongan
sanction, countenance, imprimatur, endorsement, indorsement, warrant
     formal and explicit approval
01017320-n (3)
sokong, penyangga, tulang belakang, bantuan, sokongan, penunjang, topang, penahan, sagang
support, supporting
     the act of bearing the weight of or strengthening
01213886-n (5)
anjuran, tajaan, perjuangan, pendukung, kejuaraan, sokongan, naungan
patronage, backing, backup, championship
     the act of providing approval and support
00154433-n (3)
dokumen, bukti, menyokong, sokongan, dokumentasi, perbahanan
support, documentation
     documentary validation
01207609-n (58)
pertolongan, bantuan, sokongan, bimbingan
assistance, help, aid, assist
     the activity of contributing to the fulfillment of a need or furtherance of an effort or purpose
05149832-n (3)
servis, faali, pertolongan, bantuan, tolong, sokongan
avail, help, service
     a means of serving
09179776-n (6)
rangsangan, penggalak, sokongan, dorongan, perangsang, pendorong
incentive, inducement, motivator
     a positive motivational influence
01214171-n (1)
advocacy, protagonism
     active support of an idea or cause etc.; especially the act of pleading or arguing for something
05693919-n (4)
sokong, tulang belakang, bantuan, sokongan, topang, penahan, dorongan
     something providing immaterial assistance to a person or cause or interest
01096454-n (6)
anjuran, tajaan, sokongan
trade, patronage
     the business given to a commercial establishment by its customers


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