Results for « small » (eng)
small      on a small scale
01532912-a (2)
modest, small      not large but sufficient in size or amount
small      have fine or very small constituent particles
small      a garment size for a small person
01455732-a (4)
little, small      (of a voice) faint
05559023-n (1)
small      the slender part of the back
01391351-a (376)
small, little      limited or below average in number or quantity or magnitude or extent
01649031-a (20)
little, small      (of children and animals) young, immature
small      slight or limited; especially in degree or intensity or scope
diminished, belittled, small      made to seem smaller or less (especially in worth)
01467534-a (1)
small, little, minuscule      lowercase
02340458-a (5)
humble, small, lowly, low, modest      low or inferior in station or quality
01415219-a (13)
small, pocket-size, pocket-sized, small-scale, minor, modest      limited in size or scope


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