Results for « sight » (eng)
06210964-n (2)
sight      a range of mental vision
06888944-n (12)
sight      anything that is seen
05623818-n (2)
sight, ken      the range of vision
sight      take aim by looking through the sights of a gun (or other device)
05654362-n (14)
vision, sight, visual sense, visual modality      the ability to see; the visual faculty
02163746-v (4)
sight, spy      catch sight of; to perceive with the eyes
00881649-n (12)
view, sight, survey      the act of looking or seeing or observing
13774404-n (61)
mass, lot, good deal, great deal, pile, heap, plenty, sight, deal, mint, flock, mess, pot, stack, raft, spate, wad, batch, mountain, peck, hatful, mickle, muckle, passel, quite a little, slew, tidy sum      a large number or amount or extent
05933054-n (17)
sight      an instance of visual perception


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