Results for « siaran radio » (ind)
siaran radio
radio broadcast
     a broadcast via radio
06277135-n (9)
siaran radio, radio
radio, wireless, radiocommunication
     medium for communication
06619428-n (5)
programa, siaran radio, program, siaran, acara, rancangan
program, programme, broadcast
     a radio or television show
06264176-n (2)
penyebaran, penyiaran, siaran radio
broadcasting, broadcast medium
     a medium that disseminates via telecommunications
04043733-n (8)
siaran radio, radio
radio, wireless, radio receiver, receiving set, radio set, tuner
     an electronic receiver that detects and demodulates and amplifies transmitted signals
penyebaran, penyiaran, siaran radio
     taking part in a radio or tv program
siaran radio
radio news
     a radio broadcast of news
04041544-n (6)
siaran radio, radio
radio, wireless
     a communication system based on broadcasting electromagnetic waves


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