Results for « sekejap » (ind)
15247110-n (25)
ketika, debaran, seketika, sejenak, sebentar, sekejap
instant, wink, split second, twinkling, flash, heartbeat, blink of an eye, jiffy, trice, New York minute
     a very short time (as the time it takes the eye to blink or the heart to beat)
01756292-a (5)
seketika, sebentar, sementara, sekejap
passing, short-lived, ephemeral, transient, transitory, fugacious
     lasting a very short time
01442826-a (12)
pendek, singkat, sekejap
     of short duration or distance
01443097-a (4)
pelarian, seketika, sejenak, selayang pandang, sekilas, sesaat, sebentar, sementara, sekejap, sepintas lalu
momentary, fleeting, fugitive, momentaneous
     lasting for a markedly brief time
15246853-n (88)
tempoh, ketika, detik, kejap, seketika, sejenak, masa, apabila, sebentar, saat, waktu, sekejap
moment, minute, second, bit, mo
     an indefinitely short time
00144405-r (13)
sejemang, seketika, sejurus, sebentar, sementara, sekejap
for a while, awhile
     for a short time
01270486-a (6)
cekap, cepat, singkat, sekejap
quick, fast, flying
     hurried and brief
15244650-n (96)
ketika, detik, apabila, momen, sebentar, saat, sekejap
moment, instant, minute, second
     a particular point in time
00092682-r (10)
singkat kata, sebentar, sekejap
     for a short time


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