Results for « sekejap mata » (ind)
00085811-r (66)
segera, taajul, sekejap mata
rapidly, quickly, speedily, chop-chop, apace
     with rapid movements
segera, taajul, sekejap mata
quickly, cursorily
     without taking pains
00033421-r (6)
serta-merta, selincam, tunai, selintas, sekejap mata
instantly, instantaneously, outright, in a flash
     without any delay
00105603-r (27)
segera, cepat, taajul, sekejap mata
quickly, quick, promptly
     with little or no delay
00048739-r (110)
segera, serta-merta, lantas, sekarang, berabad-abad, terus, serentak, langsung, sekejap mata
immediately, at once, instantly, right away, now, directly, straightaway, forthwith, straight off, like a shot
     without delay or hesitation; with no time intervening


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