Results for « sarit » (ind)
sarit, sukar, susah, runyam, payah, rumit, muskil, rumpil, sulit, senting, berat
unmanageable, difficult
     hard to control
01150915-a (15)
sarit, sukar, tegar, mangkas, pejal, susah, temetu, keras, rumit, makas, ganyar, deras, jegang, sulit, mangkar, senting, begar, berat
     resisting weight or pressure
00744916-a (100)
sarit, sukar, susah, runyam, payah, kerih, rumit, ruwet, muskil, kompleks, rumpil, sulit, senting, berat
difficult, hard
     not easy; requiring great physical or mental effort to accomplish or comprehend or endure
02025498-a (2)
sarit, melarat, jembel, fakir, susah, mundur, bulus, papa, miskin
     characterized by or indicating poverty


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