Results for « rombongan » (ind)
08187033-n (7)
syarikat, rombongan
company, troupe
     organization of performers and associated personnel (especially theatrical)
13774404-n (61)
kumpulan, timbunan, timbun, selalu, banyak, rombongan, longgok, longgokan, bumbun, lot, kelompok, sungguh, unggun
mass, lot, good deal, great deal, pile, heap, plenty, sight, deal, mint, flock, mess, pot, stack, raft, spate, wad, batch, mountain, peck, hatful, mickle, muckle, passel, quite a little, slew, tidy sum
     a large number or amount or extent
rombongan, lawatan
digression, excursion
     wandering from the main path of a journey
00311809-n (3)
persiaran, pengembaraan, makan angin, bersiar-siar, rombongan, lawatan, ekspedisi
expedition, excursion, outing, junket, jaunt, pleasure trip, sashay
     a journey taken for pleasure
00031264-n (1350)
kumpulan, rombongan, kelompok, golongan, blok
group, grouping
     sejumlah (anggota) yang dianggap sebagai satu unit
08429167-n (1)
kumpulan, pengiring, rombongan, pembantu
suite, cortege, retinue, entourage
     the group following and attending to some important person


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