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00446921-a (38)
dekat, rapat, ketat, hampir
     at or within a short distance in space or time or having elements near each other
08358332-n (2)
perhimpunan, rapat
rally, mass meeting
     a large gathering of people intended to arouse enthusiasm
00453053-a (1)
intim, mesra, rapat
intimate, familiar
     having mutual interests or affections; of established friendship
02486932-v (39)
rapat, berjumpa
meet, get together
     get together socially or for a specific purpose
07545161-n (1)
sayang akan, rapat
attachment, fond regard
     perasaan kasih sayang terhadap lembaga
09954639-n (2)
mesra, karib, sahabat karib, rapat, akrab, erat
confidant, intimate
     someone to whom private matters are confided
01387786-v (7)
memampat, menguncup, menekan, mencerut, terpetik, mengecut, memeras, memerah, menggencet, memadatkan, mengerut, mengerutkan, menggenggam, menyesakkan, memegang, rapat, meremas-remas, menjepit, meremas, mengecutkan, mengetatkan, menguncupkan, peras, meregangkan, mengempa, mengenyak, memampatkan, mengapit, memicit
contract, press, compress, constrict, squeeze, compact
     squeeze or press together
bersempadan, berhampiran, bersebelahan, dekat, damping, rapat, berdekatan
contiguous, conterminous
     connecting without a break; within a common boundary
02022804-v (11)
tersobok, bertemu, menghadapi, bersobok, rapat, bersua, berkumpul, berjumpa
     meet by design; be present at the arrival of
00160659-r (4)
nyaris, rapat
intimately, closely, nearly
     in a close manner
00180770-n (1)
pelukan, karib, rapat
bosom, embrace
     a close affectionate and protective acceptance
00451510-a (23)
intim, padat, mesra, dekat, karib, rapat, santung, akrab, erat, singsat, kekariban, ikrab
     close in relevance or relationship
00566342-a (2)
bersempadan, berhampiran, bersebelahan, dekat, damping, rapat, berdekatan
adjacent, contiguous, conterminous, neighboring
     having a common boundary or edge; abutting; touching
02710402-v (33)
bertemu, rapat, bercantum, bertembung, berjumpa, menumpu, menjurus
meet, converge
     be adjacent or come together
attached, committed
     associated in an exclusive sexual relationship
00444519-a (50)
berhampiran, bersebelahan, dekat, bergandingan, rapat, merapat, berdekatan, hampir
near, close, nigh
     not far distant in time or space or degree or circumstances
07217782-n (1)
taklimat, rapat
     [in military] detailed instructions, as for a military operation
07975026-n (5)
kumpulan, rapat umum, pertemuan, perhimpunan, rapat, persatuan
gathering, assemblage
     mengumpulkan barang-barang yang bertabur
02428924-v (34)
berhimpun, memungut, menemui, sua, mengutip, bertemu, memetik, menuai, kerumun, menunggu, memumpun, ketemu, rapat, kumpul, menghimpun, menanti, berkelompok, meramu, bergerombol, berkumpul, ramu, berkerumun, mengumpulkan, menghimpunkan, berjumpa, melumpukkan
meet, assemble, gather, forgather, foregather
     collect in one place
00073033-r (236)
dekat, benar-benar, hampir-hampir, nyaris, rapat, betul-betul, hampir
almost, nearly, virtually, about, most, near, well-nigh, nigh
     (of actions or states) slightly short of or not quite accomplished; all but
00193316-r (2)
     fitting closely
00453308-a (5)
intim, mesra, rapat, mendalam
     marked by close acquaintance, association, or familiarity
02023107-v (95)
tersobok, menemui, menyaba, sua, bertemu, menghadapi, bersobok, ketemu, jumpa, rapat, berdempak, bersua, bertembung, temu, menjumpai, berjumpa
meet, see, encounter, run across, come across, run into
     come together
rapat, ketat, sempit
tight, close
     of textiles
00086000-r (16)
pantas, kuat, rapat, laju, erat, cepat
     quickly or rapidly


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