Results for « practice » (eng)
practice, commit      engage in or perform
05667196-n (1)
practice      knowledge of how something is usually done
00894552-n (8)
practice, exercise, practice session, drill, recitation      systematic training by multiple repetitions
00410247-n (45)
practice, pattern      a customary way of operation or behavior
02561332-v (3)
practice, apply, use      avail oneself to
00631378-n (2)
practice      the exercise of a profession
00606093-v (8)
V1, V2
practice, drill, exercise, practise      learn by repetition
02568672-v (42)
do, exercise, practice, practise      carry out or practice; as of jobs and professions
01723224-v (11)
V1, V2
practice, rehearse, practise      [in performing_arts] engage in a rehearsal (of)
00411048-n (3)
practice, praxis      translating an idea into action


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