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02012344-v (10)
berkisar, pindahan, pindah, berubah, mentransfer, bergeser, mengoperkan, mengubah, memindahkan, berganjak, mengisarkan, mengoper, lencong, pemindahan, melangsar, mempergilirkan, memutasikan
shift, transfer
     move around
00168658-n (3)
pindah, ganjak, beralih, boyong, berpindah, perpindahan, pemindahan
move, relocation
     the act of changing your residence or place of business
00124442-v (6)
bergulir, pindah, bergerak, bergeser, bergeming, berpindah, memindahkan, berganjak, mengisarkan, menggulir, menukarkan, menggerakkan, menggarit
     go or proceed from one point to another
01855606-v (20)
beranjak, pindah, bergerak, beralih, berpindah, hijrah
     change residence, affiliation, or place of employment
00279835-n (17)
pindah, gerak, gerakan, pengalihan, pergerakan, pemindahan, arus
movement, motion, move
     the act of changing location from one place to another
pindah, perpindahan, pemindahan
transplant, transplantation, transplanting
     the act of removing something from one location and introducing it in another location
01835496-v (487)
bergulir, beranjak, pindah, gerak, bergerak, bergeser, bergeming, angkat kaki, beralih, hidup, berpindah, memindahkan, berganjak, mengisarkan, menggulir, menjalani, menggerakkan, menggarit, bepergian, berjalan, pergi
go, move, travel, locomote
     change location; move, travel, or proceed, also metaphorically
01893988-v (10)
mengganjakkan, berkisar, pindah, gerak, bergerak, berubah, bergeser, beralih, tergerak, berganjak, mengisarkan, mengarih, menghasut, menganjak, alih, melangsar, menggairahkan, mempergilirkan, merenyukkan, terganggu
stir, budge, shift, agitate
     move very slightly
07444668-n (6)
pindah, pengalihan, pemindahan
shift, displacement
     an event in which something is displaced without rotation
pindah, perpindahan, pemindahan
transplant, transplantation, organ transplant
     an operation moving an organ from one organism (the donor) to another (the recipient)
00550117-v (9)
V1, V2
berkisar, bertukar, menukar, pindah, berubah, bergeser, mengubah, beralih, berganjak, mengisarkan, berbalik, memermak, melangsar, mengalihkan, mempergilirkan, tukar, malih
change, switch, shift
     lay aside, abandon, or leave for another
07359599-n (9)
pindah, penukaran, pertukaran, perubahan, pengubahan, transformasi
shift, transformation, transmutation
     a qualitative change
00331655-n (2)
pindah, pengalihan, peralihan, pemindahan
shift, shifting
     the act of moving from one place to another


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