Results for « pertanyaan » (ind)
07197021-n (3)
tes, pemeriksaan, pengujian, pertanyaan, ujian
test, examination, exam
     a set of questions or exercises evaluating skill or knowledge
05797597-n (10)
penelitian, penyelidikan, riset, pertanyaan
research, inquiry, enquiry
     a search for knowledge
00785008-v (8)
bertanya, menanya, menyangkakan, menanyai, menyangsikan, menyoal, menyiasat, pertanyaan
question, query
     pose a question
07193184-n (6)
questioning, inquiring
     a request for information
07193596-n (85)
interogasi, persoalan, pertanyaan
question, inquiry, query, enquiry, interrogation
     an instance of questioning
00636728-n (2)
penyelidikan, pertanyaan
inquiry, enquiry
     a systematic investigation of a matter of public interest
06783768-n (50)
tajuk, soal, masalah, perkara, persoalan, pertanyaan
question, head
     the subject matter at issue


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