Results for « persoalan » (ind)
06784003-n (38)
masalah, persoalan
     a question raised for consideration or solution
06783768-n (50)
tajuk, soal, masalah, perkara, persoalan, pertanyaan
question, head
     the subject matter at issue
07193596-n (85)
interogasi, persoalan, pertanyaan
question, inquiry, query, enquiry, interrogation
     an instance of questioning
05814650-n (23)
hal, soal, isu, persoalan
     an important question that is in dispute and must be settled
14410605-n (151)
problem, susah, masalah, kesukaran, persoalan
problem, job
     suatu kesulitan yang perlu dipecahkan/diatasi
05687338-n (38)
kekacauan, kepayahan, kerisauan, masalah, kerewelan, kesukaran, kesusahan, kebimbangan, persoalan
trouble, problem
     a source of difficulty


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