Results for « perolehan » (ind)
00083729-n (8)
pesanan, pemerolehan, perolehan
procurement, procurance, procural
     the act of getting possession of something
13253612-n (3)
belian, pembelian, perolehan
     something acquired by purchase
05637558-n (39)
kebolehan, perolehan, kemahiran
skill, accomplishment, attainment, acquisition, acquirement
     an ability that has been acquired by training
pembelian, perolehan
     something acquired
13258362-n (16)
faedah, keuntungan, laba, perolehan, untung
profit, profits, earnings, net, net income, net profit, lucre
     the excess of revenues over outlays in a given period of time (including depreciation and other non-cash expenses)
00079018-n (8)
beli, pembelian, perolehan
     the acquisition of something for payment
05112308-n (2)
dollar volume, turnover
     the volume measured in dollars
pendapat, harta, saluran, cara, perolehan, jalan
substance, means
     considerable capital (wealth or income)
13260190-n (6)
pendapatan, penghasilan, keuntungan, pulangan, hasil, perolehan
proceeds, return, yield, takings, take, issue, payoff
     keuntungan yang timbul dari transaksi seperti penjualan tanah atau properti lain
05752544-n (4)
akuisisi, pembelian, perolehan
learning, acquisition
     the cognitive process of acquiring skill or knowledge
00914632-n (6)
hasil, perolehan, keluaran
yield, output
     production of a certain amount
04612722-n (4)
hasil, perolehan
fruit, yield
     an amount of a product


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