Results for « perlawanan » (ind)
perlawanan, bertempur
     a boxing or wrestling match
00455599-n (38)
permainan, perlawanan, olahraga
     a contest with rules to determine a winner
00202284-n (13)
tentangan, sanggahan, penentangan, pembantahan, pertentangan, perlawanan, bertentangan
opposition, resistance
     the action of opposing something that you disapprove or disagree with
07464725-n (6)
pertandingan, kejohanan, perlawanan
tournament, tourney
     a sporting competition in which contestants play a series of games to decide the winner
01170962-n (44)
pertempuran, pergaduhan, persabungan, perlagaan, perkelahian, perlawanan, pertarungan, bertempur, pertengkaran
fighting, fight, combat, scrap
     the act of fighting; any contest or struggle
01168569-n (4)
pertandingan, peraduan, pesaing, persaingan, kompetisi, perlawanan, sayembara
competition, contention, rivalry
     the act of competing as for profit or a prize
00958896-n (17)
pertikaian, pertempuran, persengketaan, konflik, perjuangan, perselisihan, sengketa, perlawanan, pertarungan, bertempur, peperangan, perebutan
struggle, conflict, battle
     an open clash between two opposing groups (or individuals)
00964343-n (14)
pertempuran, kombat, perjuangan, perlawanan, pertarungan, peperangan
combat, armed combat
     [in military] an engagement fought between two military forces
00953559-n (104)
pertikaian, pertempuran, persengketaan, konflik, perjuangan, pertentangan, perlawanan, pertarungan, peperangan, perebutan
battle, fight, engagement, conflict
     [in military] a hostile meeting of opposing military forces in the course of a war
00456740-v (3)
bersua alurnya, memadankan, sepadan, mengakurkan, mematutkan, menyesuaikan, mengembari, menyamai, perlawanan, berpadan, berlarasan
match, fit
     make correspond or harmonize
07470671-n (1)
pertandingan, perlawanan
     a formal contest in which two or more persons or teams compete
07181935-n (8)
selisih, pertikaian, perdebatan, pertempuran, tengkarah, persengketaan, konflik, konfrontasi, perselisihan, menentang, pertentangan, perlawanan, pertarungan, perbantahan, pertengkaran, perbedaan
dispute, difference, difference of opinion, conflict
     a disagreement or argument about something important
07467846-n (4)
pertemuan, perlawanan, perjumpaan
meet, sports meeting
     a meeting at which a number of athletic contests are held
perkelahian, perlawanan, pertarungan, pertengkaran
     an intense verbal dispute
     keep the opposing (baseball) team from winning
daya tahan, resistansi, perlawanan
     the capacity of an organism to defend itself against harmful environmental agents
07456188-n (12)
pertandingan, kontes, peraduan, persaingan, kompetisi, perlawanan, sayembara
contest, competition
     an occasion on which a winner is selected from among two or more contestants


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