Results for « perbualan » (ind)
07010541-n (2)
perbualan, dialog
dialogue, dialog
     the lines spoken by characters in drama or fiction
07135080-n (3)
umpatan, gosip, bualan, perbualan, fitnah
gossip, chitchat, chit-chat, chit chat, small talk, gab, gabfest, tittle-tattle, chin wag, chin-wag, chin wagging, chin-wagging, causerie
     light informal conversation for social occasions
07136206-n (3)
perbualan, dialog
dialogue, dialog, duologue
     a conversation between two persons
07139316-n (1)
percakapan, perbincangan, perbualan
07138085-n (29)
perundingan, perbincangan, diskusi, perbahasan, perbualan
discussion, treatment, discourse
     an extended communication (often interactive) dealing with some particular topic
01045963-a (2)
colloquial, conversational
     characteristic of informal spoken language or conversation
06366391-n (2)
cakapan, percakapan, perbualan, dialog
dialogue, dialog
     a literary composition in the form of a conversation between two people
07136940-n (2)
celoteh, perbualan
chatter, yak, cackle, yack, yakety-yak
     noisy talk
07133701-n (20)
cakapan, percakapan, perbualan, pertuturan
     the use of speech for informal exchange of views or ideas or information etc.
07135734-n (13)
berbincang-bincang, percakapan, pembicaraan, perbincangan, perbualan, berunding
talk, talking
     an exchange of ideas via conversation
07148192-n (3)
perundingan, persepakatan, perbincangan, rundingan, perbualan
negotiation, talks, dialogue
     a discussion intended to produce an agreement


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