Results for « perbahasan » (ind)
07140659-n (28)
perundingan, perbincangan, diskusi, perbahasan
discussion, word, give-and-take
     an exchange of views on some topic
07138085-n (29)
perundingan, perbincangan, diskusi, perbahasan, perbualan
discussion, treatment, discourse
     an extended communication (often interactive) dealing with some particular topic
00714884-v (2)
V1, V2
berdebat, membincangkan, perbahasan, bersawala, memperdebatkan, mendebat, menggodok
     argue with one another
07140978-n (19)
perdebatan, perbalahan, diskusi, perbahasan, perbantahan
debate, argument, argumentation
     hujah-hujah dari pemikiran
07242104-n (6)
perdebatan, perbahasan, memperdebatkan, debat
debate, public debate, disputation
     the formal presentation of a stated proposition and the opposition to it (usually followed by a vote)
00773432-v (21)
V1, V2
berdebat, berbincang-bincang, memisahkan, mempertengkarkan, berbincang, membincangkan, membantah, melawan, perbahasan, bersawala, bertengkar, memperdebatkan, membatasi, berunding, mendebat, bertikai, menyanggah, berbantah, bercakap, menggodok, debat
argue, contend, debate, fence
     have an argument about something


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