Results for « peperangan » (ind)
00964343-n (14)
pertempuran, kombat, perjuangan, perlawanan, pertarungan, peperangan
combat, armed combat
     [in military] an engagement fought between two military forces
00958896-n (17)
pertikaian, pertempuran, persengketaan, konflik, perjuangan, perselisihan, sengketa, perlawanan, pertarungan, bertempur, peperangan, perebutan
struggle, conflict, battle
     an open clash between two opposing groups (or individuals)
00788973-n (24)
pertempuran, perjuangan, pertarungan, bertempur, peperangan
struggle, battle
     an energetic attempt to achieve something
01236296-n (2)
pertempuran, berlomba, perang, persaingan, pertarungan, peperangan
war, warfare
     an active struggle between competing entities
00953559-n (104)
pertikaian, pertempuran, persengketaan, konflik, perjuangan, pertentangan, perlawanan, pertarungan, peperangan, perebutan
battle, fight, engagement, conflict
     [in military] a hostile meeting of opposing military forces in the course of a war
00973077-n (87)
perang, peperangan
war, warfare
     [in military] the waging of armed conflict against an enemy


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