Results for « penggarapan » (ind)
pelaksanaan, penggarapan, eksekusi
execution, instruction execution
     [in computer_science] the process of carrying out an instruction by a computer
02407987-v (3)
mengerjakan, berakhir, kerja, mengakok, penggarapan
work, put to work
     cause to work
01127379-n (2)
pelaksanaan, implementasi, penggarapan
implementation, execution, carrying out
     the act of accomplishing some aim or executing some order
pelaksanaan, penggarapan
execution, execution of instrument
     [in law] the completion of a legal instrument (such as a contract or deed) by signing it (and perhaps sealing and delivering it) so that it becomes legally binding and enforceable
00062451-n (2)
pelaksanaan, penyempurnaan, penggarapan
fulfillment, fulfilment
     tindakan penyempurnaan sesuatu (keinginan atau janji dan lain-lain)
00948206-n (9)
penggunaan, pengembangan, pembinaan, eksploitasi, pemajuan, perkembangan, penggarapan, pembangunan
development, exploitation
     the act of making some area of land or water more profitable or productive or useful


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