Results for « pengetahuan » (ind)
00023271-n (45)
ilmu pengetahuan, kognisi, pengetahuan, makrifat, mualamat, ilmu
knowledge, cognition, noesis
     the psychological result of perception and learning and reasoning
05806623-n (9)
anggaran, penghargaan, pemahaman, pengetahuan
appreciation, hold, grasp
     understanding of the nature or meaning or quality or magnitude of something
05985381-n (4)
ilmu pengetahuan, pengetahuan
lore, traditional knowledge
     knowledge gained through tradition or anecdote
05623628-n (1)
jangkauan, pemahaman, pengetahuan, kemampuan, tiba, lingkungan, pengertian
reach, grasp, compass, range
     the limit of capability
05817145-n (4)
pengetahuan, perkenalan
familiarity, acquaintance, conversance, conversancy
     personal knowledge or information about someone or something
05984287-n (10)
edukasi, pendidikan, pengetahuan, pengajaran, didikan, pedagogi, pelajaran, pengasuhan
     knowledge acquired by learning and instruction
05675905-n (12)
keinsafan, kecerdikan, pengetahuan, kepandaian, ilmu
awareness, consciousness, cognizance, knowingness, cognisance
     having knowledge of
05816287-n (47)
keterangan, maklumat, pengetahuan, ilmu
     knowledge acquired through study or experience or instruction


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