Results for « pengamatan » (ind)
pengamatan, pendapat, cerapan, pencerapan, perhatian, ulasan, pengawasan
     explicit notice
00879759-n (9)
kepatuhan, pengamatan, cerapan, pencerapan, pengawasan, catatan
observation, watching, observance
     the act of observing; taking a patient look
01002956-n (26)
pengamatan, pencerapan, catatan
     the act of making and recording a measurement
00635850-n (18)
pengamatan, penelitian, pemeriksaan
examination, scrutiny
     the act of examining something closely (as for mistakes)
06767035-n (1)
pengamatan, pendapat, pencerapan, perhatian, teguran, catatan
observation, reflection, reflexion
     a remark expressing careful consideration
05703429-n (4)
kepatuhan, pengamatan, pendapat, pencerapan, perhatian, teguran, catatan
notice, observation, observance
     the act of noticing or paying attention


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