Results for « pelajaran » (ind)
05705355-n (6)
pengajian, pelajaran
     a state of deep mental absorption
00729285-n (3)
belajar, kelas, pelajaran
     a task assigned for individual study
05757536-n (6)
pendidikan, sekolah, pelajaran
school, schooling
     the process of being formally educated at a school
02792903-a (2)
akademik, pelajaran
     of or relating to schools
00884466-n (65)
kursus, kelas, pelajaran
course, class, course of study, course of instruction
     education imparted in a series of lessons or meetings
08238463-n (30)
formulir, tingkat, kelas, pelajaran, bentuk
grade, class, form, course
     a body of students who are taught together
08377085-n (22)
kursus, perjalanan, peredaran, putaran, arus, aliran, pelajaran
course, line
     a connected series of events or actions or developments
pengajian, pelajaran
     a composition intended to develop one aspect of the performer's technique
05753564-n (6)
edukasi, pendidikan, pelajaran
     [in education] the gradual process of acquiring knowledge
08681222-n (12)
jurusan, kursus, perjalanan, peredaran, haluan, putaran, arus, aliran, pelajaran
course, trend
     general line of orientation
00644503-n (95)
perhatian, tinjauan, pengajian, kajian, pelajaran
study, survey
     a detailed critical inspection
00889472-n (6)
kelas, pelajaran
     a unit of instruction
05984287-n (10)
edukasi, pendidikan, pengetahuan, pengajaran, didikan, pedagogi, pelajaran, pengasuhan
     knowledge acquired by learning and instruction
04227144-n (17)
pengajian, lakar, pelajaran
sketch, study
     preliminary drawing for later elaboration
05755883-n (28)
pengajian, pelajaran
study, work
     applying the mind to learning and understanding a subject (especially by reading)


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