Results for « pass on » (eng)
01992503-v (45)
go on, advance, move on, progress, march on, pass on      move forward, also in the metaphorical sense
02043190-v (2)
V2, V3
circulate, distribute, pass on, pass around      cause be distributed
02230772-v (58)
V2, V3
hand, pass, give, turn over, pass on, reach      place into the hands or custody of
02296153-v (27)
V2, V3
give, impart, leave, pass on      transmit (knowledge or skills)
02589013-v (6)
relegate, submit, pass on      refer to another person for decision or judgment
00742320-v (12)
V2, V3
communicate, pass, pass on, pass along, put across      transmit information
02230247-v (1)
V2, V3
pass on      give to or transfer possession of


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