Results for « note » (eng)
02118933-v (43)
note, observe, take note      observe with care or pay close attention to
01020934-v (3)
note, take down      make a written note of
13393762-n (5)
bill, note, government note, bank bill, banker's bill, bank note, banknote, Federal Reserve note, greenback      a piece of paper money (especially one issued by a central bank)
06504462-n (14)
note      a brief written record
06763273-n (1)
note, annotation, notation      a comment or instruction (usually added)
06626286-n (13)
note, line, billet, short letter      a short personal letter
07082819-n (3)
note      a tone of voice that shows what the speaker is feeling
02118476-v (57)
note, notice, mark      notice or perceive
04727694-n (2)
note      a characteristic emotional quality
note, promissory note, note of hand      a promise to pay a specified amount on demand or at a certain time
01020005-v (113)
note, remark, observe, mention      make mention of
06865345-n (5)
note, tone, musical note      a notation representing the pitch and duration of a musical sound
14435445-n (6)
distinction, eminence, note, preeminence      high status importance owing to marked superiority


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