Results for « mungkin » (ind)
01411451-a (58)
     has a good chance of being the case or of coming about
00053952-r (16)
agaknya, mungkin, barangkali
presumably, presumptively
     by reasonable assumption
00300247-r (207)
mungkin, mundur, barangkali, gerangan, jangan-jangan, konon
perhaps, maybe, possibly, perchance, mayhap, peradventure
     by chance
01821266-a (136)
mungkin, boleh jadi, harus, sampai akal
     capable of happening or existing
00044353-a (27)
potensi, mungkin, kalau-kalau, barangkali, kemungkinan, potensial, sampai akal
possible, potential
     existing in possibility
01884176-a (6)
berpotensi, mungkin
potential, likely
     expected to become or be; in prospect
cheaply, stingily, chintzily
     in a stingy manner
00138611-r (122)
agaknya, mungkin, takah-takahnya, barangkali, kemungkinan
probably, likely, in all likelihood, in all probability, belike
     with considerable certainty; without much doubt
01413247-a (15)
mungkin, boleh jadi, harus, sampai akal, bakal
probable, likely
     likely but not certain to be or become true or real


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