Results for « mula-mula » (ind)
15265518-n (19)
awal, pertama, pembukaan, mula-mula, permulaan
beginning, start, outset, kickoff, first, commencement, offset, get-go, starting time, showtime
     the time at which something is supposed to begin
00102736-r (64)
pertama-tama, pertama, terdahulu, mula-mula
first, first of all, first off, firstly, foremost
     before anything else
00228294-a (5)
sulung, pertama, mula-mula, terutama, tua, terpenting
first, foremost, world-class
     ranking above all others
00103194-r (9)
pertama, mula-mula
initially, ab initio
     at the beginning
00813589-a (3)
mula-mula, bumiputra, asal
primeval, aboriginal, primal, primaeval, primordial
     having existed from the beginning; in an earliest or original stage or state
01009206-a (4)
pertama, mula-mula
first, beginning
     serving to begin
00506928-r (9)
pertama, mula-mula
     before another in time, space, or importance
00254614-r (4)
pertama-tama, pertama, dahulu, terdahulu, mula-mula
first, foremost
     prominently forward


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