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01636397-v (74)
berangan-angan, mempertimbangkan, memikirkan, memandang, menggambarkan, mengandaikan, menyangka, menganggap, membayang-bayangkan, mengangankan, menjangkakan, mengkhayalkan, membayangkan
imagine, conceive of, envisage, ideate
     form a mental image of something that is not present or that is not the case
00921072-v (7)
bercuriga, mencurigai, menyangka, membaui, menerka, meramalkan
suspect, surmise
     imagine to be the case or true or probable
00708538-v (61)
beragan, berhajat, bermaksud, memikirkan, bersangka, berhasrat, mengira, bermakna, menyangka, ingat, meniatkan, berniat, bercadang, hendak, mengasadkan, bertujuan
intend, mean, think
     have in mind as a purpose
01637166-v (4)
menduga, mengingati, memikirkan, bersangka, memahami, mengira, menyangka, membentuk, membayangkan
     imagine or visualize
00633443-v (28)
menduga, mengandaikan, memisalkan, mengira, menyangka, menebak, menerka, memperkirakan, mengatakan, mengumpamakan
suppose, speculate, hypothesize, theorize, conjecture, theorise, hypothesise, hypothecate
     to believe especially on uncertain or tentative grounds
00607780-v (167)
terkenang, mengingati, hinap, mengingat, memikirkan, bersangka, mengira, kenang, menyangka, ingat, mengenang, mengambil, mengenangkan, teringat, mengingatkan
remember, recall, think, recollect, call back, call up, retrieve
     recall knowledge from memory; have a recollection
00917300-v (63)
berkata, mengandaikan, memisalkan, mengira, menyangka, menyabdakan, rasa, berucap, mengabarkan, mengumpamakan, mengutarakan, berujar, agak, mengucapkan, bersabda
suppose, say
     express a supposition
00689344-v (358)
mengantepi, menduga, membilang, kepercayaan, membilangkan, hinap, memikirkan, bersangka, memandang, mengira, bertafakur, menyangka, menimbang, menganggap, ingat, menggagas, menyangkakan, menghinap-hinap, berpikir-pikir, beranggapan, sangka, menjangkakan, menimang, pandang, merasa, berpikir
think, believe, conceive, consider
     judge or regard; look upon; judge
00628491-v (112)
memikirkan, bersangka, merenungkan, mengira, menyangka, memikir, angan
think, cerebrate, cogitate
     use or exercise the mind or one's power of reason in order to make inferences, decisions, or arrive at a solution or judgments
00632236-v (83)
menduga, mengandaikan, memisalkan, mengira, mengasumsikan, anggap, menyangka, menganggap, kira, mengumpamakan, mengagakkan
assume, presume, take for granted
     take to be the case or to be true; accept without verification or proof
00631737-v (277)
V2, V3
agaknya, berangan-angan, mengingati, memikirkan, bersangka, mengandaikan, memisalkan, mengira, mengira-ngira, memperhitungkan, menyangka, mereka-reka, menebak, ingat, membayang-bayangkan, menerka, rasa, memperkirakan, meraba, kira, mengumpamakan, membongmeh, menyelami, menjangkakan, agak, membayangkan, berdangka
think, guess, suppose, imagine, reckon, opine
     expect, believe, or suppose
02394183-v (27)
berhasil, menjalankan, meluwengkan, membutuhkan, menyangka, memegang, makan, mengarik, jadi, mengambil, membawa, menyumbat, menimbuni, memasukkan, memenuhi, ambil, mengisi
take, fill, occupy
     assume, as of positions or roles
00716531-v (2)
mengandaikan, memisalkan, mengira, menyangka, mensyaratkan, mengumpamakan, menjangka
presuppose, suppose
     take for granted or as a given; suppose beforehand


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