Results for « menguncup » (ind)
melipat, menguncup, membalun
fold, fold up
     become folded or folded up
01506583-v (1)
menguncup, menarik kembali
draw in, retract
     pull inward or towards a center
02426395-v (20)
V1, V2
mengakhiri, menguncup, tutup, membalun, muflis, mencantum, merapatkan, menutup, gulung tikar
close, shut down, fold, close up, close down
     cease to operate or cause to cease operating
menguncup, ciut, mengecut, mengerutkan, berkurang, menyusut, lisut, susut, kecut, menyusutkan
shrink, shrivel
     decrease in size, range, or extent
01387786-v (7)
memampat, menguncup, menekan, mencerut, terpetik, mengecut, memeras, memerah, menggencet, memadatkan, mengerut, mengerutkan, menggenggam, menyesakkan, memegang, rapat, meremas-remas, menjepit, meremas, mengecutkan, mengetatkan, menguncupkan, peras, meregangkan, mengempa, mengenyak, memampatkan, mengapit, memicit
contract, press, compress, constrict, squeeze, compact
     squeeze or press together
01346978-v (22)
mengakhiri, menguncup, tertutup, tutup, mencantum, merapatkan, menutup
close, shut
     become closed
01431230-v (18)
V1, V2
menguncup, cium, mengecup, mencucup, mengucup, berciuman, kuncup, mencium-cium, mengambung, kecup, kucup, mencium
kiss, snog, buss, osculate
     touch with the lips or press the lips (against someone's mouth or other body part) as an expression of love, greeting, etc.


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