Results for « mengemudiankan » (ind)
02642814-v (17)
tertunda, mengundurkan, menundakan, membelakangkan, membekukan, mengemudiankan, bertangguh, mempertangguhkan, membenamkan, tunda, menunda, menangguhkan
postpone, defer, put off, shelve, set back, remit, put over, table, hold over, prorogue
     hold back to a later time
00459776-v (11)
berayal-ayalan, berundan-undan, menyembulkan, memperlambat, melambatkan, menahani, tahan, mengemudiankan, mempertangguhkan, mendeponir, melewatkan, menganjungkan, menunda, menangguhkan, membekuk, menahan, menunda-nunda
delay, hold up, detain
     cause to be slowed down or delayed


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