Results for « mengecualikan » (ind)
00893878-v (2)
mengecualikan, melepaskan, berkilah, melapangkan, meringankan, membebaskan
excuse, relieve, let off, exempt
     grant exemption or release to
00615774-v (31)
mengecualikan, meninggalkan, menyingkirkan, selain, melalaikan, terlupa, singkir, lalai, kecuali, menghilangkan, terkecuali
exclude, omit, leave out, leave off, except, take out
     prevent from being included or considered or accepted
02564146-v (4)
mengecualikan, melepaskan, mengacir, meluputkan, terlepas, melapangkan, meringankan, memerdekakan, membebaskan, mengurangi, terkecuali
relieve, free, exempt
     grant relief or an exemption from a rule or requirement to


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