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01067664-v (2)
melanting, mencapak, melemparkan, melempar, mengeban, melontarkan, mencelampakkan, membuang, menghamburkan, mengempaskan, mencampakkan, melantingkan
throw, hurl
     utter with force; utter vehemently
01513430-v (17)
melanting, menebarkan, memburai, mencapak, meranggas, melemparkan, melempar, mengeban, menjatuhkan, tertumpah, mencelampakkan, membuang, mengecor, menebar, menimbulkan, melontar, menghamburkan, mengempaskan, mencampakkan, mengurangkan, melantingkan, mencucurkan, mencampak, memancarkan, pelontaran, membersihkan, menghempaskan, rontok
throw, shed, shake off, throw off, cast off, drop, cast, throw away
     get rid of
02501738-v (6)
menyingkirkan, mengusir, mencelampakkan, menghalau, mengeluarkan, menggulingkan, usir
expel, throw out, kick out
     force to leave or move out
01507143-v (10)
menebarkan, melemparkan, melempar, mengeban, melontarkan, mencelampakkan, membuang, mengecor, menebar, melontar, lempar, terhempas, mencampakkan, tercampak
hurl, cast, hurtle
     throw forcefully
02062212-v (15)
merempuh, melemparkan, meluncur, melempar, mengeban, mencelampakkan, meredah, menerpa, menyodok, mencampakkan, menyelatkan, merunjang, melejang, merunjam, merodok, meradakkan
lunge, thrust, hurl, hurtle
     make a thrusting forward movement
02222318-v (20)
menyingkirkan, mencapak, melemparkan, melempar, menjauhkan, mencelampakkan, buang, membuang, melontar, menghamburkan, mengempaskan, mencampakkan, menggulingkan, mencampak, menghempaskan
throw away, dispose, throw out, discard, toss away, cast aside, put away, toss, chuck out, fling, toss out, cast out, cast away
     throw or cast away
02401809-v (6)
V1, V2
menyingkirkan, memecat, mengusir, mencelampakkan, mengeluarkan, memberhentikan, memensiunkan, menggulingkan
oust, throw out, drum out, expel, boot out, kick out
     remove from a position or office
00875806-v (7)
mencelampakkan, mengajukan, menggulingkan, mengutarakan, mengemukakan
advance, throw out
     bring forward for consideration or acceptance
01468576-v (3)
berakhir, mengusir, mencelampakkan, menghalau, mengeluarkan, menggulingkan
eject, turn out, exclude, chuck out, turf out, boot out
     put out or expel from a place
00801626-v (5)
menolak, menggugurkan, memecat, memperhentikan, mencelampakkan, membuang, mengeluarkan, memberhentikan, menggulingkan, memecatkan, mengonslah
dismiss, throw out
     cease to consider; put out of judicial consideration


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