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mempelajari, mengulas, memerikan
analyze, analyse
     break down into components or essential features
00643473-v (5)
meretas, mengupas, mempelajari, menganalisis, membedah, psikoanalisis, mengulas, memerikan, membobolkan
break down, analyze, analyse, dissect, take apart
     make a mathematical, chemical, or grammatical analysis of; break down into components or essential features
mengupas, mempelajari, menganalisis, psikoanalisis, mengulas, memerikan
analyze, analyse, psychoanalyze, psychoanalyse
     [in psychiatry] subject to psychoanalytic treatment
00644583-v (113)
belajar, memasuki, mengekol, memeriksa, menghafal, menguraikan, mengupas, mempelajari, membelek, menganalisis, mengkaji, menelaah, psikoanalisis, mengulas, menyelidik, meneliti, memerikan, menguji, menyiasat
study, analyze, examine, analyse, canvass, canvas
     consider in detail and subject to an analysis in order to discover essential features or meaning
00597915-v (90)
V1, V2
belajar, mempelajari, mengaji, memahirkan
learn, acquire, larn
     gain knowledge or skills
00599992-v (26)
belajar, memasuki, meluwengkan, memeriksa, menghafal, membaca, membutuhkan, makan, mengarik, mempelajari, menganalisis, mengkaji, mengambil, menelaah, membawa, memasukkan, menyelidik, meneliti
study, take, read, learn
     be a student of a certain subject
00604576-v (12)
belajar, mengingati, menghafal, mempelajari, hafal, mengingatkan
learn, memorize, memorise, con
     commit to memory; learn by heart
00920336-v (28)
belajar, tengok, menetapkan, menyaba, mengekol, memeriksa, mengetahui, membaca, menetak, bertemu, mencocokkan, menemukan, mempelajari, menengok, melihat, mengintai, memastikan, mendapati, mengawasi, menyelidik, menentukan, menyemak, berjumpa, menyiasat, menonton, menetakkan
see, find out, check, learn, ascertain, determine, watch
     find out, learn, or determine with certainty, usually by making an inquiry or other effort
00607405-v (17)
V1, V2
belajar, mempelajari, mengkaji, menelaah
     be a student; follow a course of study; be enrolled at an institute of learning
00598954-v (196)
belajar, menyaba, mengetahui, menemukan, mengarik, mempelajari, mendengar, melihat, mendapati
hear, learn, see, discover, find out, pick up, get word, get wind, get a line
     get to know or become aware of, usually accidentally
00607114-v (5)
V1, V2
belajar, studi, kaji, memutalaah, mempelajari, mengkaji, periksa, menelaah
study, hit the books
     learn by reading books
02166460-v (66)
belajar, mempertimbangkan, membilang, membilangkan, memikirkan, memandang, mengira, bertafakur, menimbang, menganggap, mempelajari, mengamati, mengkaji, menyangkakan, melihat, menghinap-hinap, menelaah, berpikir-pikir, menimbangkan, menjangkakan, meneliti, membayangkan
consider, study
     give careful consideration to
00829107-v (97)
V2, V3
mengamanatkan, belajar, memesani, ajar, menggurui, mendidik, mempelajari, mengajari, mengajar, berpesan, beramanat, mengajarkan, membaban, menginstruksikan
teach, instruct, learn
     impart skills or knowledge to
00704388-v (7)
bertarak, belajar, bertafakur, merenung, menimbang, mempelajari, bersemadi, mengkaji, bermeditasi, menelaah
contemplate, study, meditate
     think intently and at length, as for spiritual purposes


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