Results for « meminta-minta » (ind)
02270404-v (1)
V1, V2
menganggur, mengemis, mengecek, merayu, menebeng, meminta-minta
bum, grub, sponge, cadge, mooch
     ask for and get free; be a parasite
00759269-v (17)
V1, V3
mengemis, berdoa, meminta, merayu, mohon, mendoa, rayu, doa, mendaduk, pohon, daduk, memohon, meminta-minta, membawa tempurung
beg, implore, pray
     call upon in supplication; entreat
mengemis, memohon, meminta-minta
fall over backwards, bend over backwards
     try very hard to please someone
00782057-v (9)
meminta, mengecek, mohon, menguit, menokok, menggoleng, pohon, memohon, menutuk, meminta-minta, menyadap
beg, solicit, tap
     make a solicitation or entreaty for something; request urgently or persistently


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