Results for « meloncat-loncat » (ind)
menyisir, berlayapan, berlayap-layapan, meluncur, meloncat-loncat, melewatkan, melayap, melompat-lompat
skip, skim, skitter
     cause to skip over a surface
01916634-v (6)
mengigal, melonjak-lonjak, meloncat-loncat, mendada, berjompak
swagger, prance, strut, cock, ruffle, sashay, tittup
     to walk with a lofty proud gait, often in an attempt to impress others
00511817-n (1)
melonjak-lonjak, meloncat-loncat, gurauan, permainan, main-main, melompat-lompat
frolic, play, caper, romp, gambol
     gay or light-hearted recreational activity for diversion or amusement
01967104-v (1)
meloncat-loncat, meloncat
     jump about playfully
01963942-v (60)
melonjak-lonjak, melompat, melejit, meloncat-loncat, terikat, meloncat, melambung, doncang, mencolot, lompat, terberkas, dompak, membatasi, melompat-lompat, memegas, merejuk, menerkam, bingkas
leap, jump, spring, bound
     move forward by leaps and bounds
01883716-v (10)
lincah, terkinja-kinja, menggeledah, meloncat-loncat, geledah, mengacar, bersenang-senang, bermain-main, bergelut, melompat-lompat
cavort, run around, romp, frolic, skylark, frisk, lark, rollick, disport, sport, gambol, lark about
     play boisterously
01892104-v (18)
memantul, mengambul, melompat, berdengut, meloncat-loncat, berkumandang, terikat, meloncat, melambung, mengumandang, ambul, melantun, membingkas, mendengungkan, mengantul, bergaung, mencolot, menganjal, lompat, melambungkan, membahana, mengambung, membatasi, bergema, memegas, menggema
bounce, spring, bound, rebound, ricochet, resile, reverberate, recoil, take a hop
     spring back; spring away from an impact
01708676-v (14)
V1, V2
mengigal, melonjak-lonjak, berkanjar, berlenso, berdansa, menari, meloncat-loncat, gengsot, berjoget, igal, bertandak, meronggeng
dance, trip the light fantastic, trip the light fantastic toe
     [in dancing] move in a pattern; usually to musical accompaniment; do or perform a dance
01890792-v (7)
merangket, mencapak, melemparkan, melempar, meloncat-loncat, menggapai-gapai, meronta-ronta, bergelora, mencampakkan, membanat, banting, mengejang, terumbang-ambing
toss, thrash, thresh, thrash about, convulse, slash, thresh about, jactitate
     move or stir about violently


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