Results for « kutipan » (ind)
pati, kutipan, sari, petikan
selection, excerpt, excerption, extract
     a passage selected from a larger work
01014990-n (1)
kumpulan, pemetikan, penuaian, kutipan, pengumpulan, pengutipan, pungutan, himpunan
gathering, gather
     the act of gathering something
04250026-n (1)
serpihan, carikan, reja, kutipan, perca, guntingan, petikan, nukilan, coretan
snip, snippet, snipping
     a small piece of anything (especially a piece that has been snipped off)
06513764-n (1)
kutipan, pungutan
collection, solicitation, appeal, ingathering
     request for a sum of money
06613056-n (1)
kutipan, petikan
quotation, citation, quote
     a passage or expression that is quoted or cited
01014066-n (1)
penggabungan, pemasangan, kutipan, pengambilan, pemungutan, pungutan
collection, collecting, assembling, aggregation
     the act of gathering something together
04184701-n (2)
serpihan, kutipan, fragmen, pecahan, petikan, nukilan
shard, fragment, sherd
     a broken piece of a brittle artifact
06763681-n (8)
sebutan, kutipan, petikan, catatan, rujukan
reference, quotation, mention, credit, citation, acknowledgment, cite
     a short note recognizing a source of information or of a quoted passage
06591442-n (1)
kumpulan, antologi, siri, kutipan, pungutan, koleksi, himpunan
collection, compendium
     a publication containing a variety of works


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