Results for « keseorangan » (ind)
02250430-a (4)
solitary, lone, lonely
     characterized by or preferring solitude
02251212-a (9)
satu-satunya, tunggal, sorang, seorang diri, bersendiri, sendiri, sebatang kara, keseorangan, sendirian
alone, lonely, lone, solitary
     lacking companions or companionship
07534108-n (1)
kesunyian, kesepian, keseorangan
loneliness, desolation, forlornness
     kesedihan akibat yang meninggalkan atau ditinggalkan
02251576-a (1)
terlantar, terdampar, keseorangan
stranded, isolated, marooned
     cut off or left behind
00594267-a (10)
sesat, keseorangan
isolated, stray
     not close together in time
02110447-a (13)
sunyi, terpencil, sepi, keseorangan, terasing
separated, isolated, detached, set-apart
     being or feeling set or kept apart from others
00567860-a (1)
terpencil, keseorangan
apart, obscure, isolated
     remote and separate physically or socially
14415163-n (4)
kesunyian, kesendirian, kesepian, kelengangan, keseorangan
loneliness, solitariness
     keadaan seorang diri dalam isolasi soliter
04622415-n (1)
kesunyian, kesepian, keseorangan
aloneness, loneliness, lonesomeness, solitariness
     a disposition toward being alone
02111095-a (4)
isolated, disjunct
     marked by separation of or from usually contiguous elements
14415072-n (1)
kesunyian, cadar, kesepian, keseorangan
solitude, purdah
     suatu keadaan isolasi sosial
sahaja, keseorangan
lonesome, solitary, only, sole, lone
     being the only one; single and isolated from others


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