Results for « kerap » (ind)
00486990-a (3)
selalu, kerap, sering
     frequently encountered
01066542-a (9)
kerap kali, acap, selalu, kerap, sering
     coming at short intervals or habitually
00035058-r (193)
kerap kali, selalu, sering kali, kerap, sering
often, frequently, oftentimes, oft, ofttimes
     many times at short intervals
00195024-r (6)
reguler, selalu, kerap, sering
regularly, on a regular basis
     in a regular manner
15278281-n (12)
kerap, sering, kekerapan, frekuensi, ulangan
frequency, frequence, oftenness
     the number of occurrences within a given time period
selalu, kerap, sering
     in a regular way without variation
00022829-r (9)
kerap kali, selalu, sering kali, benar-benar, kerap, sering, praktik, jauh, sekali
much, practically
     for all practical purposes but not completely


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