Results for « keraguan » (ind)
05699172-n (3)
kebingungan, keraguan, kebimbangan
indecision, irresolution, indecisiveness
     tidak dapat membuat keputusan
01063350-n (2)
bergoyang, keraguan
hesitation, faltering, waver, falter
     the act of pausing uncertainly
04757522-n (12)
kesangsian, waswas, keraguan, kebimbangan
question, doubt, dubiousness, doubtfulness
     uncertainty about the truth or factuality or existence of something
05699434-n (4)
keberatan, keraguan, kebimbangan
hesitation, vacillation, wavering
     indecision in speech or action
05698247-n (30)
kesangsian, keraguan, kebimbangan
doubt, uncertainty, dubiousness, doubtfulness, incertitude, dubiety
     the state of being unsure of something
04645943-n (2)
keengganan, keberatan, keraguan
hesitation, reluctance, hesitancy, disinclination, indisposition
     a certain degree of unwillingness
05684561-n (3)
kebingungan, kabur, kekeliruan, kekaburan, keraguan
fog, haze, daze
     confusion characterized by lack of clarity
05698620-n (1)
kesangsian, keraguan
reservation, mental reservation, arriere pensee
     an unstated doubt that prevents you from accepting something wholeheartedly
05699770-n (2)
keraguan, kebimbangan
     an uncertain cognitive state
04757864-n (1)
keraguan, kebimbangan
indefinity, indefiniteness, indeterminateness, indetermination, indeterminacy
     the quality of being vague and poorly defined


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