Results for « kemaraan » (ind)
00249501-n (24)
maju, kemajuan, kemaraan, pemajuan, perkembangan, pertumbuhan
progress, advancement
     gradual improvement or growth or development
00282050-n (8)
maju, kemajuan, pergerakan, kemaraan, pemajuan, perkembangan
progress, progression, advance, advancement, procession, forward motion, onward motion
     gerak maju yang perlahan
07357388-n (14)
penyusunan, pembaikan, perbaikan, kemajuan, kebaikan, kemaraan
improvement, advance, betterment
     a change for the better; progress in development
07445265-n (13)
maju, kemajuan, pergerakan, kemaraan, pemajuan, perkembangan
advance, progress, progression
     gerak maju yang perlahan
kemajuan, kemaraan, pemajuan, kenaikan pangkat
forwarding, promotion, furtherance
     the advancement of some enterprise
maju, meningkat, peningkatan, kemaraan, bangun, kenaikan
advance, rise
     increase in price or value


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