Results for « habis » (ind)
00469382-v (5)
V1, V2
membulang, lusuh, mengenakan, meluntur, habis
wear, wear out, wear off, wear thin, wear down
     deteriorate through use or stress
02267529-v (3)
membelanjakan, reda, mengeluarkan, melewatkan, habis
     spend completely
01003050-a (2)
selesai, siap, tamam, tamat, habis, usai, rampung
     ended or brought to an end
menamatkan, habis, pengemasan
finish, finishing
     the act of finishing
tohor, binasa, kharab, bobrok, selesai, habis, usai, rampung
finished, ruined
     brought to ruin
berkurang, habis, pupus
low, depleted
     no longer sufficient
01003536-a (12)
selesai, siap, putus, habis, terbuat
done, through, through with
     having finished or arrived at completion
00352558-v (20)
menghabiskan, berakhir, menghabisi, menyempurnakan, menyudahkan, bubar, selesai, siap, menghentikan, bernasib, menyelesaikan, menamatkan, habis, merampungkan, menutup, usai
finish, wind up, end up, finish up, land up, fetch up
     finally be or do something
00061203-r (144)
kalakian, kemudian, nantinya, beka, nanti, selepas, sehabis, jemah, sesudahnya, belakangan, terbelahak, setelah, sesudah, belakang, kelak, habis, bakda, bakdu, entar
later, afterward, later on, afterwards, after, subsequently
     happening at a time subsequent to a reference time
00484166-v (96)
V1, V2
menghabiskan, memutuskan, berakhir, mempersiapkan, menghabisi, mengakhiri, menyiapkan, menyempurnakan, mencukupi, menyudahkan, melengkapkan, bubar, selesai, tamat, menyelesaikan, menggenapkan, menamatkan, habis, merampungkan, melengkapi, usai
complete, finish
     come or bring to a finish or an end
02708420-v (101)
menghabiskan, membiayakan, berlalu, mengoperkan, lalu, menyalip, meluangkan, membelanjakan, mengeluarkan, melewatkan, mengoper, mengangsurkan, beredar, habis, melampaui
spend, pass
     pass time in a specific way
habis, musnah
done for, ruined, undone, sunk, washed-up
     doomed to extinction


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