Results for « gossip » (eng)
gossip, dish the dirt      wag one's tongue; speak about others and reveal secrets or intimacies
07223170-n (2)
gossip, comment, scuttlebutt      a report (often malicious) about the behavior of other people
gossip, gossiper, gossipmonger, rumormonger, rumourmonger, newsmonger      a person given to gossiping and divulging personal information about others
07135080-n (3)
gossip, chitchat, chit-chat, chit chat, small talk, gab, gabfest, tittle-tattle, chin wag, chin-wag, chin wagging, chin-wagging, causerie      light informal conversation for social occasions
01038666-v (5)
chat, visit, jaw, chatter, confabulate, confab, chew the fat, shoot the breeze, chitchat, chit-chat, chaffer, natter, gossip, claver      talk socially without exchanging too much information


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